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Ecosystem Engineered to Give you Freedom and a Better Matrix

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Give you Freedom and a Better Matrix to transition to the Era of Abundance.

By enabling people with services that focus on their life and surroundings, we give them peace of mind and exhilarating life, enabling them to invest less time and money for more freedom (more time and money) while improving the environment, to enjoy and become inspired and come up with even better ideas that will improve their matrix and freedom further and propagate to transition to a new era, the Era of Abundance

How we get there

With a Platform that Focuses in Sustainability Automation and Self-Sufficiency.

Engineer a platform that gives Freedom and a better Matrix focusing on Sustainability, Automation and Self-Sufficiency to transition to an Era of Abundance. With Self-Sufficiency and Automation to provide freedom with money and time. With Sustainability to improve your Matrix by improving your life and the life of your loved ones with health, success and spirituality, and also improving your surroundings by caring for the environment and culture. By providing you Freedom and a better Matrix, we strive to inspire you to thrive in business activities related to Sustainability, Automation and Self-Sufficiency. We launch with some of the most impacting business activities in the journey to the Era of Abundance : Renewable

What is SAIAZ?

Freedom which is time and money and Matrix, which is a your life and surroundings. Our platform offers products, services, investments and leads related to Sustainability, Automation and Self-Sufficiency that give you Freedom and a better Matrix.

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